by Ezko

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released May 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Ezko Maryland

The DMV has been on the rise in the Hip Hop scene and has produced some very talented artists. Ezko is a young Cameroonian rapper hailing from Gaithersburg, MD is an expressive lyricist and gives you an exclusive look on his life experiences of trials, tribulations, triumphs and celebrations with hope that it may positively effect its listeners. Ezko is Hip Hop. ... more


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Track Name: Brella's Intro/ Just Us Prod. CazTheProducer
Just us Prod. CazTheProducer

#Goezko #stonedalchemist #StonedPhilosopher

I spit
Ill verses from an ill mind
never write to kill time
Always with a purpose
Perfect verses in my ill rhymes
I still shine
Like a baby's first smile
Or the look from ya lover u ain't seen her in a while
I rap gods poems
Flows deeper than the Nile
Love hate
Cuz hate loves
And they just in denial
So just ride wit ya click
Cuz soon or later u hit
then they hop on ya dick
Man this life is a bitch
It's been a minute seen since a menace spit
my flows the realest shit
I do this for the love
I don't mind the benefits
the women and the ride gon bring
prejudice and pryde
So I relish in my rise
decisions in divides
I saw a vision in the sky
In a dream in a dream
I won't come home they askin why
Cuz I believe in my team
Pound sign FAMBASS
Rep it till we all straight
Flow so progressive
U in good hands
In all states
I call fakes
And pay respect where it's needed
Only respect a hustla or the mind of a genius
Never defeated since a foetus
Stroke of genius like I paint wit my penis
A portrait of a battle with my inner demons
I been speakin with a reason
fiendin for a meanin
How salty ass friends only stay for a season
I'm leavin on a jet plane
Lookin fresh mane
Headed to a city where the biddies love my sex game


(My defense came
Cuz the world got me fucked up
Got a slim chance for the gold
And it just sucks
It's just us
Fightin for just us
Let's see what we do
when we Trust us) X 2

Verse 2:

Life's a gamble on a channel
And we all just wanna win
For the glory of the journey from the city of sin
With insidious sins
To the city of wind
I hope my story gives hope to the spirit within
I light a blunt and get religious
Then look through pictures of bitches
Starving on a corner
Contemplatin my decisions
I been livin, given
the shorter hand of the stick
I took my situation turned it from a curse to a gift with
My back against the wall
Hand to a spliff Tryna
Change another life
Or tryna fuck yo bitch
Earnest and swift
I left home, I kept calm
got slepped on got stepped on
But I kept goin
All I ever wanted was a chance to shine This
little light of mine
Still Bright and it's timeless
The home of the terrapins is where u can find us
I hope this shit hit
In the whip and ya sinus


~ Ars longa vita brevis ~

Track Name: $truggle Rap$
$truggle Rap$

I'm Thinking of a master plan
Thinking of a way to put the cash in hand
Thinking of a way to make my raps advance
To a place where people don't give raps a chance
To a place where a listener don't turn Into a fan
Got damn
I'm on a mission and I plan to be the man
Peter Pan
Cuz I don't need a hook
A verse alone'll leave em shook
Ya raps need work
And I'm advising you to read a book
Pick a couple classes up
No need to be so mad at us
I pose as a threat
I don't pose for no cameras
No's to the amateurs
Who reachin for a verse
I wrap a gift in a curse
That'll leave you in dirt
What's the word
Whats your purpose
The verdict got u nervous
I'm a mind freak
I think they need my service in a circus
Or the churches where the circuit is connected to god
Say a prayer hope he even the odds
Hope he lead to a job
Hope I speak and make you reach for the stars
Know ya effort ain't competing with ours
And that's my reason to start
Speakin in art
Reachin deep in ya heart
Just to separate ya energies
And keep em apart
Like a dog need a reason to bark
This shit is natural
Not from D.C
But I'm a fan of the capital
Claim u a beast
Y the fuck I smell a mackerel
U far from practical
And what u say is never factual
I'm international big
Got people overseas can't speak English tryna rap wit the kid
Back wit the shizz
Now I'm back in the biz
They don't understand fully what they hearin
But they like what it is
I'm in the city where erybody and they moms spit
I drop a verse of hot shit
And cause a moshpit
U are not sick
U Ferris Bueller on his day off
Just gimme some time
This shitll pay off


et reges ex deo..